Employment Law


While Federal law still does not provide protection from discrimination, to include harassment, on the basis of sexual orientation, Colorado law does.  Since 2007, Colorado law has made it unlawful to discriminate, or harass, people on the basis of their sexual orientation, including transgender status.  As such, it is unlawful for your sexual orientation, or transgender status, to be a factor in any employment related decision.  It is also unlawful for potential employers, and others, to make inquiries about an applicant/employee’s sexual orientation.  The Colorado law applies to employers, as well as to employment agencies, labor organization, training programs and schools.

2013 UPDATE – Colorado’s Employment Non-Discrimination Act was revised in 2013. The revisions increased the remedies available to those subjected to discrimination.  For more information on the changes visit our blog post on this issue.

Review the Colorado Employment Non-Discrimination Act, here.

Review the 2013 Act, which updated the remedies available under the Colorado Employment Non-Discrimination Act, here.


Employment and labor law is a constantly changing area.  Martin Law Office LLC offers extensive experience in these matters.  Our firm advises and represents both employers and employees in employment related matters at all stages, to include, advice and guidance on policy development and training, as well as representation during administrative investigations and proceedings, litigation, and appeals.

Our firm also advises and represents individuals in employment and partnership related matters. We advise both employers and employees on employment and severance agreements, as well as compensation and benefits issues. Additionally, we represent clients in discrimination and harassment claims arising from gender, race, religion, disability, age or retaliation.  Our attorneys are experienced in claims involving the following employment and labor laws:

  • Title VII
  • Civil Rights Act, including Free Speech, Freedom of Association, and Equal Protection
  • Age Discrimination in Employment Act
  • Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Family Medical Leave Act
  • other Equal Employment Opportunity laws, as well as state laws.

Our attorneys have experience representing clients in administrative proceedings, such as proceedings involving the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Department of Labor.  Additionally, our attorneys have experience mediating and litigating matters in both State and Federal Courts, as well as all Appellate Courts.

Keep in mind!  Many of the employment laws have extremely strict time periods for filing complaints regarding discrimination or harassment, in some cases as short as 6 months.  It is critical that you consult legal counsel as soon as you believe you may have experienced discrimination or harassment.  Our firm works hard to help you enforce your rights.